Peer-reviewed articles

Published as graduate student

• Pérez-Consuegra, N., Hoke, G. D., Fitzgerald, P., Sobel, E. R., Glodny, J., Mora, A., Montes, C. Late Miocene Incision of the Cauca River Canyon in the tropical Northern Andes. Geological Society of America Bulletin (accepted, in press).

• Pérez-Consuegra, N., Ott, R., Hoke, G. D., Galve, J. P., Pérez-Peña, V., Mora, A. Neogene variations in slab geometry drive topographic change and drainage reorganization in the Northern Andes of Colombia. Global and Planetary Change (2021).

Pérez-Consuegra, N., Hoke, G.D., Mora, A., Fitzgerald, P., Sobel, E.R., Sandoval, J. R., Glodny, J., Valencia, V., Parra, M., Zapata, S. The case for tectonic control on erosional exhumation on the tropical Northern Andes based on thermochronology data. Tectonics (2021)

Pérez-Consuegra, N., Hoyos, N., Restrepo, J.C., Escobar, J., Hoke, G. Contrasting climatic signals control the hydrology of the mountainous Cauca River (source) and its associated sedimentary basin (sink): implications for the signals recorded in the sedimentary record. Geomorphology (2021)

Scholz, S., Petersen, S.V., Escobar, J., Jaramillo, C., Hendy, A.J.W., Allmon, W.D., Curtis, J.H., Anderson, B.M., Hoyos, N., Restrepo, J.C., Perez, N. Isotope sclerochronology indicates enhanced seasonal precipitation in northern South America (Colombia) during the Mid-Miocene Climatic Optimum. Geology (2020)

Pérez-Consuegra, N., Parra, M., Jaramillo, C., Silvestro, D., Echeverri, S., Montes, C., Jaramillo, J.M. and Escobar, J.. Provenance analysis of the Pliocene Ware Formation in the Guajira Peninsula, northern Colombia: Paleodrainage implications. Journal of South American Earth Sciences (2018)

Published as undergraduate student

Pérez-Consuegra, N., Gongora, D., Herrera, F., Jaramillo, C., Montes, C., Cuervo, A., Hendy, A., Machado, A., Cardenas, D., Bayona, G. New records of Humiriaceae fossil fruits from the Oligocene and early Miocene of the western Azuero Peninsula, Panamá. Boletín Sociedad Geológica Mexicana (2018)

Pérez-Consuegra, N., Cuervo-Gomez, A., Martinez, C., Montes, C., Herrera, F., Jaramillo, C. Paleogene Salvinia (Salviniaceae) from Colombia and their paleobiogeographic implications. Review of Paleobotany and Palynology (2017)

Moreno, J.F., Hendy, A.J.W., Quiroz, L., Hoyos, N., Jones, D.S., Zapata, V., Zapata, S., Ballen, G., Cadena, E., Cárdenas, A.L., Carrillo-Briceño, J.D., Carrillo, J.D., Delgado-Sierra, D., Escobar, J., Martínez, J.I., Martínez, C., Montes, C., Moreno, J., Perez, N., Sánchez, R., Suárez, C., Vallejo-Pareja, M.C., and Jaramillo, C. An Overview and Revised stratigraphy of Neogene strata in the Cocinetas Basin, La Guajira, Colombia. Swiss Journal of Paleontology (2015)

Publich Outreach publications in Spanish

*Hipótesis is an journal focused on scientific outreach from the School of Sciences at Universidad de los Andes. I published several outreach articles during my undergraduate studies.

Perez-Consuegra, N. and Cala, A. 2016, Rocas sedimentarias: ¿cómo se forman y qué nos cuentan sobre el pasado?. Hipótesis, Apuntes científicos uniandinos, v. 20, p. 78-85.

Cuervo, A., Perez-Consuegra, N. and Lamus, F. 2016, Levantamiento de la Cordillera Oriental de los Andes colombianos. Hipótesis, Apuntes científicos uniandinos, v. 19, p. 66-73.

Perez-Consuegra, N. and Cuervo, A. 2016, Minerales pesados: una herramienta para reconstruir el pasado a partir de las rocas. Hipótesis, Apuntes científicos uniandinos, v. 19, p. 4-7.

Perez-Consuegra, N. and Cuervo, A. 2015, Un nuevo fósil del helecho acuático Salvinia. Hipótesis, Apuntes científicos uniandinos, v.18, p. 14-16.

Perez-Consuegra, N. and Rodriguez, L. A. 2014, Primeras señales de recuperación de la capa de ozono. Hipótesis, Apuntes científicos uniandinos, v. 17, p. 14-16.

Perez-Consuegra, N., Moreno, F., and Vallejo, M. C. 2014, Gliptodontes: mamíferos gigantes en el pasado de la Guajira colombiana: Hipótesis, Apuntes científicos uniandinos, v. 17, p. 54-57.


Pérez-Consuegra, N., Hoke, G. D., Fitzgerald, P., Sobel, E. R., Glodny, J., Mora, A., Montes, C. Unraveling the incision of the Cauca River Canyon of the Northern Andes: Contrasting cooling histories revealed by AFT and AHe thermochonology. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2020.

Pérez-Consuegra, N., Sobel, E. R., Mora, A., Sandoval, J. R., Fitzgerald, P., Zapata, S., Parra, M., Glodny, J., Hoke, G. D. What controls erosion (exhumation) along the humid eastern margin of the Northern Andes? Insights from U-Th/He thermochronology. EGU Abstracts, 2020.

Sandoval, J., Pérez-Consuegra, N., Gómez, R., Mora, A., Parra, M., Valencia, V., Horton, B., Bueno, R., Reyes A., Beltrán, A., Cárdenas, A. Spatial distribution of U-Pb ages across a basement uplift in the Northern Andes and its implications for the interpretation of the detrital record in adjacent basins. EGU Abstracts, 2020.

Perez, N., Hoke, G., Mora, A. Using Tectonic Geomorphology to understand the topographic evolution of the Colombian Andes. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2018.

Scholz, SR., Petersen, SV., Escobar, J., Jaramillo, C., Hendy, A., Allmon, WD., Moreno, F., Curtis, JH., Anderson, BM., Hoyos, N., Restrepo, JC., Perez, N. Isotope Schlerochronology and Tropical Seasonality during the Mid Miocene Climatic Optimum. Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2018

Perez, N., Parra, M., Montes, C., Echeverri, S., Jaramillo, JM. Pliocene Paleodrainage in Northwestern South America Constrained by Multi-Method Sedimentary Provenance in the Alta Guajira Peninsula, Colombia. Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2015 2456.

Perez, N., Cuervo, A., Montes, C. Salvinia fossils from the Eocene Gualanday group and their paleoclimatic implications. Semana Técnica de la Geología, 2014.

Perez, N., Moreno, F., Carrillo, J.D., Jaramillo, C. Miocene Gliptodontidae from La Guajira. Poster Presentation. Network for Neotropical Biogeography NNB3, 2014.

Perez, N., Moreno, F., Carrillo, J.D., Jaramillo, C. Xenarthros del Mioceno de la Guajira. Colombian Geology Congress, 2013.

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